Are the Democratic and Republican Parties One and the Same?

Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree

Are the Democratic and Republican Parties One and the Same?

Those of you who like to go around saying that there’s no difference between the Democratic and Republican Parties should pause a moment to take note. The Republican led United States Supreme Court is currently poised to give you some of that good old-fashion Republican love. They’re currently considering whether they can get away with taking away your healthcare, just as they all but disenfranchised you by declaring that corporations are people in their ‘Citizens United’ decision, and completely overruled your vote by appointing George Bush President in the 2000 election after you clearly voted for Al Gore.


The Republican Party’s only platform and sole purpose in life is to make absolutely sure that the American people hate one another more passionately than they love themselves. That’s why Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and other Republicans are defending George Zimmerman after he killed Trayvon Martin. But that’s not surprising, since they created the environment that led to Zimmerman killing Trayvon in the first place. They’ve that by convincing many undereducated and weak-minded Whites that ALL Black men are out to kill their sons, steal their possessions, and rape their daughters. So for all of you who claim that Democrats are no different from Republicans, take a moment to ask yourself, "Who’s disseminating that message, Democrats or Republicans?"


The Republican leadership benefits from the Black, public outrage over this atrocity. That’s why conservative pundits eagerly fan the flames of the anger in the Black community over the obvious injustice of the incident. The case is clear. Zimmerman, a full grown man, arm with a 9 mm pistol and weighing a hundred pounds more than his victim, stalked and killed a Black child armed with only with a bag of Skittles. And that was AFTER being instructed by the police to remain in his vehicle. Thereafter, Zimmerman, the son of a retired judge, was routinely released as though he’d been picked up for a traffic ticket. It should have been an open and shut case, but they didn’t even bother to collect a shred of evidence. Imagine what the consequences would have been for Trayvon if the situation was exactly reversed - in fact, under the given circumstances, Trayvon would have been in jail if he had managed to kill Zimmerman even after being stalked.


But by continually inserting red herring defenses and other justifications for Zimmerman’s deadly assault on Trayvon - the fact that Trayvon was wearing a hoodie, he had been suspended from school, showing a picture of Trayvon wearing a gold tooth, etc. - conservative pundits are purposely further enraging the Black community, and thereby, planting the seed in the White community’s mind that Black people are being both racist toward Zimmerman and unreasonably hateful toward White people in general. That serves to drive a wedge between the Black and White communities and distract them away from the recognition that the throats of both communities are being cut by Republican policies.


If the middle class, and indeed this nation, is to survive, it is incumbent upon us to realized that we are now engaged in a class war, in which race is merely a tool to drive a wedge between us to keep us divided - and anyone who perpetuates that effort - be they Republicans, or Tavis Smiley and Cornel West - is the enemy.


Sure there are poor and middle-class racists in both communities. Racism has been built-in and carefully nurtured into our society, but we’ve been conditioned to be racist and divided by the social manipulation pointed out above. Thus, the only way that the poor and middle class are going to save themselves is for them to start doing more thinking, and stop allowing the social manipulators to control their thoughts through manipulating them into caving in to knee-jerk reactionism.


The fact is, the corporate powers that be don’t care any more about White people than they do Black people. The attack on Social Security, Medicare, and organized labor isn’t race specific. It’s an assault on the poor and middle class of all races. Of the millions of people across this land who were thrown out of their homes, they weren’t just Black. They were people of every race, creed, and color. And when Bush and Cheney sent our troops to Iraq without the necessary equipment to protect their lives, neither was that race specific. That was a direct assault on poor and middle class America as a whole. In fact, the children of the rich are no longer even expected to defend this country. Dying for America has now become the job of the "little people." Thus, the Republican Party is trying to drag America back into a social structure that our founding fathers left Europe to get away from - one based on class and social status.


As a result, our government institutions have now morphed into facades designed to give us the ILLUSION of justice. Anyone who doubts that should try suing any major corporation. So in order to save ourselves we must ban together to FORCE American institutions to function as they are suppose to, and a huge part of that effort is coming together and learning to recognize demagoguery.


A prime example of the demagoguery that we must be on the alert against comes in the form of idiots running around claiming that there’s no difference between the Democratic and Republican parties. That’s a flat-out lie that benefits no one but the social manipulators themselves. Granted, there are problems within the Democratic Party and there are more than a few Democrats that need to be thrown out of office. Through a combination of factors including human greed and the public’s tendency to be inattentive and apathetic, we’ve allowed politicians to become a class within themselves, a class that’s become a subset of the class that we’re fighting. That’s an issue that we must address through taking another look at political salaries and perks. So that’s more a problem of the emergence of a new political class than it is the philosophy of the Democratic Party itself. .

The primary reason that the Democratic Party has moved farther to the right is because that's where the votes are. Idiots like Ralph Nader, Tavis Smiley, and Cornel West have confused the left so badly that politicians can't depend on their votes. Then once the left suffers the resulting loses, the people mentioned above simply go back to their lucrative hustles of complaining about the peoples’ misery until the next election - completely ignoring the fact that they are a major cause of that misery.

The bottom line is, the worse we do as a people, the more people like Nader, Tavis and West are paid to complain about it. So if the poor and middle class ever did achieved true justice, it would be West's worst nightmare, because he’s reportedly paid $10,000 a speech to complain.


So we, the people, are just not getting it. We're being blinded by West’s wooly hair and carefully nurtured persona. We tend to look at things superficially - "If he looks that Black and the White folks at Harvard says he's brilliant, he must be the man!" That’s a bunch of crap! Cornel is the one who’s the puppet. He and Tavis are not the darling of the corporate establishment for nothing - they keep us divided.

Eric L. Wattree


Citizens Against Reckless Middle-Class Abuse (CARMA)

Religious bigotry: It's not that I hate everyone who doesn't look, think, and act like me - it's just that God does.

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Comment by Eric L. Wattree on April 7, 2012 at 9:21pm


I received the same e-mail from Boyce. Here's my response:


"If they offered Boyce Watkins a job at Fox News, he’d be over there in a shot as well. The same is true of Tavis Smiley and Cornel West. They’d undoubtedly come up with some kind of justification like, “I’m only here to bring a little balance,” but they’d tear the door off the hinges nevertheless. In addition, as time went by they’d begin to tone down their rhetoric to become more compatible with Fox. I’d be willing to bet my house on it. While these guys have absolutely no problem with helping the Black community, their advocacy is limited to promoting the interest of the Black community as long as it doesn’t interfere with their personal interest. So, let’s keep it real."

So, as you see, AJ.  While I like Boyce as a person, I have very little confidence in Black public intellectuals as a class.  Look at the way they teamed up on Melissa Harris-Perry.  It was disgusting to watch envious jackals team up on that sister - a sister who is clearly more professional, and qualified, than any of them.  

So as far as I'm concerned, that said it all about their dedication to Black people.  While they were publicly professing how much they love their people, while cloistered in the hidden world of academia they were at princeton stabbing the very womb of our culture in the back. The only department where this sister's ability was even questioned was in the African American Studies Department.

On another subject, with regard to your response to my last post, I respect and welcome your opinion, regardless to whether you agree with me or not. In fact, I'm appreciative of any challenge you might have of my opinion. I've long since recognized that I corner the market on neither knowledge and wisdom, nor intelligence. So when you disagree with anything that I might say, please step forward. Every thinking individual views reality from a unique perspective, so sharing a differing point of view with me is not an assault on my ego; it's the gift of additional knowledge.

I'm blessed with having a very gifted woman (you'd probably be familiar with her if I mentioned her name), and I tell her all the time, every disagreement is not a fight. I see it as an exchange of ideas. So I depend on her feedback for my growth, just as I do yours.




Comment by AJea L on April 6, 2012 at 12:01pm


I love reading your articles. Your messages sow enormously valuable seeds into our community.

As a committed worker for change in our Neighborhood and this Country, WE agree that BET, MTV and ESPN should be ignored. LOL *  For me, engaging in #Solidarity w/the #Occupy synergy online is bringing new awareness and a clarity of the decay our dominant 'power-structure' has heaved upon us. My response to your query was not intended as a complaint, merely a conceptual observation.



SN: Just got an email this morning from Dr Boyce Watkins of that Jesse Jackson's daughter is NOW on the FOX news payroll. -- imagine that!

Comment by Eric L. Wattree on April 5, 2012 at 5:37pm


I fully understand your sentiment. But as I see it, we've created - or at the very least, allowed to exist - the reality that you've so aptly described with our apathy and inattention to what's going on around us.Politicians are our employees, so if we allow them to run amuck and work against our interest, it's our fault. So while complaining is cathartic, if we really want change, we're gonna have to turn off BET, MTV, and ESPN and become politically engaged. That's the message that underlies everything I write.



Comment by AJea L on April 5, 2012 at 9:40am


Your question is a good one. Your viewpoint profoundly valid.

Some of us however who see not a dime's bit of difference between the Democrat's and the Republican's are observing them as two wings attached to the same foul bird.

The Republican Wing - [right] - overtly racist, without a care in this world that American people are suffering from the Financial Machinations they engineered to crash the world economy for their NWO agenda. To bad. Build your own Central Bank and then you can 'broadcast' whatever you want, I can hear them saying. Their 'only' platform and sole purpose in life as you suggest, to make absolutely sure American's hate one another more than they love themselves, is only in the view of some [myself included], a tool in their kit, to divert, diffuse and deflect the proper "outraged" focus and attention the American People are beginning to pay "THEM". Gathering up our pitchforks & torches to camp-out on their front lawn in #OccupyTogether movements all across this country. Determined with cause to overturn, dismantle and resist their Agenda 21. i.e. Citizens United; #NDAA; TSA; Foreign Wars, etc.

Within the belly of this beast the clock is ticking. The mighty wurlitzer -MainSpinMedia- is in full-tilt. Agitation and obfuscation are the main course being fed to the Super-Bowl crowd. The glitch in Their Matrix is breached and the geni is out the jug. The beauty contestants being paraded as viable candidates for president are bafoons. And they know it. And, by the way so, do WE. With all due & loving respect, I do give them credit tho, for they are the masters of public-opinion manipulation in forging their own job-security as Al Hajj Malik Shabazz [MalcolmX] taught us. *So for them* -- they get a pass from me. Because its what I expect of them. Greedy Bastards.

On the other hand

The Democratic Wing - [left] - subversive racist. From the nose-bleed section in the stadium of America, these have morphed into the worst representation for the American People imaginable. Their lap-dog pandering in my view is pathetic. They throw a 'hollywood' smile, sing a few bars from an Al Green 70's classic, make a bunch of 'speeches' pretending to be fighting the good fight. While systematically w/o shame or apology, shredding the very fabric of Constitutional freedoms that are the foundation of this Country. And they should be "Fired"! Wall Street got bailed-out, the American People sold-out. This wing are the custodians that continue to sustain "The New Jim Crow": Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander. The redesigned caste system matrix developed and announced as the War On Drugs during Ronald Reagan's tenure is devastatingly insightful. And, is running full-steam ahead as I write. For this group of stewards, NO pass.

So Eric, my friend, in my view the democrats and the republicans are indeed the same. Two 'wings' attached to that predatory grim reaper Christian/Zionist Vulture that currently preside over our lives from The Temple of Doom in Washington DC.

As a side note: The United States Military Industrial Complex has two very famous Drones in their arsenal today. The Citizens of Pakistan and Afghanistan are quite familiar with the; The Predator and The Reaper.

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