The World Stage· DwighTrible Presents: SCHEDULE - Nov/Dec 2019 "Fall into Autumn Jazz Concert Series +" ~ *updatez*

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Upcomin':  1st Crowd Fundin'-Campaign | Fri., 6th - Sheri Brown "artist-musician-philanthropist  w/ a heart of gold" - | Sat., 7th - Acoustic Revelation Band "w/ Co-leaders Sensei Latif & Carl Marsh" -  O-!
"The Village LIVES!" - Eddie North-Hager,
"Alwayz somethin' happenin' @ The World STAGE" - Mark Maxwell, (20 yrs) Host of RISE on KPFK 90.7FM 

Presented by Dwight Trible, Executive Director The 'new' World STAGE Art, Education & Performance Gallery non-profit 501(c)(3) - "Back-off Summer break. (not unlik' Congress) 'n no, quid pro quo." O-!


 + MC Jeffrey Winston "Jazz Herstorian" 

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 or MC Mat Gibson "The Biggest Voice in-the-World"

Matt M Gibson's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person, sky, hat, outdoor and closeup

Tomo "Sound"
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The 'new' World STAGE Executive Director -

 Dwight Trible



 ♪ - most all concerts Fri. & Sat. nights, $20 & begin @ 9PM (X2) sets (unless otherwise indicated or announced)
"All Ages Welcome" $5 (suggested donation)
*Upcomin' Sho-z w/ Avery Sunshine "Tix Giveaway" For: The Theatre @ Ace Hotel Nov. 23rd*
Fri., 8th - Roberto Miranda  *TIX*
Fri., 15th - The Pan Afrikan People's Arkestra aka The Ark aka "PAPA's got a brand new band!" -  
[replaces originally scheduled - Angie Wells]
Sat., 16thLadies Love Laughter
Sat., 23rd - Donald Dean
Fri., 29th - Richard Grant
Sat., 30th - Nedra Wheeler




Fri., 6th - Sheri Brown

Sat., 7th - Acoustic Revelation Band


Eventbrite: (search) Advance Tickets - (highly recommended when available)
UPF: ft. pg. news Blog Post events  For the USC & Expo. Pk. neighborhoods in L.A.     
Instagram: TWS (search)
4321 Degnan Blvd. · Los Angeles (Leimert Park Village) 90008 · (323) 293-2451 ·
(entrance & parking in rear)
All Ages Welcome Out/Side bar (only, not In/Side) | hot prepared food dishes by O/S vendor Chef Kalih (under tarp & I/S ok) 


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Comment by DojO- on July 15, 2019 at 4:56am

Live - On-Air: RISE on KPFK w/ reg. Host (20+ yrs.) /\/\ark /\/\axwe|| "Humble Facilitator"

See the source image /\/\ark (R) pic w/ JQ (L) 

(@ 2:49 talk'd-over a nice recorded version of Pharoah Sanders Doctor Pitt vs Doktor Pitt)
"i don't think The World Stage has somethin' on Fri.. i know on Sat. they hav Ladies Love Laughter. it's not Jazz, it's (ladies) comedy happenin'." (part of "The seasonal Jazz Concert Series +" every 3rd Sat. of the month)
"if U want 2 get Yo fill of sum good Jazz music, (The World Stage, Executive) Dwight Trible Cosmic Vibrations is @ Blue Whale." (in J-town=Jo-'z town, bac 'n duh daze '70s)

 Mondaze 12:00AM - 3:00AM 

A weekly creative (J)azz celebration of African roots, social consciousness & spiritual transcendence.
  Public Radio - On-the World-Wide-Web or Online Archives - Monday, July 15, 2019 12:00 am
Comment by DojO- on July 10, 2019 at 8:09am

"The Village LIVES!" - Eddie North-Hager,

This Weekend with Fuasi
Friday 12th July 2019
A Tribute to Our Brother
Steve Smith

at the World Stage Performance Gallery
4321 Degnan Blvd, Leimert Park, CA 90008.
Concert begins at 9:00pm
Cover: $20
Tix available at door and online via Eventbrite
Ishmael Hunter  - drums
Jeff Littleton - bass 
Bobby West - piano
Rick Zunigar - guitar
Michael Session - saxes
Fuasi -  saxes
In a meaningful and swinging tribute to an incredible musician/brother/ancestor/friend, Steven Smith, his band "Acknowledgment" come together for an evening of memories, love, light and sound. Please join The World Stage family for this special night.
Comment by DojO- on July 8, 2019 at 5:31am

LIVE On-Air:  Jazz Briefs segment by Ollie Bivins 2nd Mon. of the month guest host of RISE on KPFK

See the source image

(28:00) Announcements: The 24th Annual Central Ave Jazz Fest. Jul 27th & 28th - "Overall, i think, 1 of the best line-ups ever..."; Terence Blanchard, named the 1st Kenny Burrell Chair of Jazz Studies @ UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music. 

Articles of Interest: Herb Alpert philanthropy article Inside Philanthropy;  "Once considered axiomatic" Chops: David Binney on Why Musicians May Not Need a Bite of the Big... - JT

(37:00) Performance Announcements: local community - "Of course, there's always somethin' goin'-on @ The World Stage. i jus' want 2 mention briefly, what's taken place. Let's see, this comin' Th startin' @ 9pm there's a Jam Session." (w/ James Janisse, Sisters of Jazz Jam Sun 8pm~midnite, Jazz Vocal Jam Session 10pm~midnite + Workshops/Programs throughout-the-wk) 
(Summer Jazz Concert Series +) "On Fri there's a Tribute To: Steve Smith, who was the trumpeter 4 the Pan Afrikan Peoples Artestra, who pasted. (Steven Smith Tribute will feature the band called Acknowledgement, led by Ishmael Hunter - drums, Fuasi & Michael Session - woodwinds, Bobby West - piano, Rick Zunigar - guitar & Jeff Littleton - bass.) & on Sat Jul 13th, there's a record (CD) release party 4 the group 3 More Sounds & that group consist of bassist - Henry Franklin, drummer - Kharon Harrison & pianist - Robert Turner."

 Mondaze 12:00AM - 3:00AM 

A weekly creative (J)azz celebration of African roots, social consciousness & spiritual transcendence.
  Public Radio - On-the World-Wide-Web or Online Archives - Monday, July 8, 2019 12:00 am
Comment by DojO- on July 2, 2019 at 6:05pm

Live - On-Air: RISE on KPFK w/ reg. Host (20+ yrs.) /\/\ark /\/\axwe|| "Humble Facilitator" 

Image may contain: 2 people (RISE on KPFK  Facebookacebook Cover Photo)

(52:20) "Well Hi, if yo'r jus' tune'n-in. We stretched-out 4 a super long 1st set. & that's how we're gon'na continue. 2 b quite honest, i really felt the need 2 jus' stretch-out w/ this music. This particular edition of RISE. w/o a lot of talkin' & i'm bet'n some of U may hav a similar need. so hopefully we'll enjoy scratchin' that itch 2gether, jus' get'n into this music. this is as much as i'll b talkin'. (54:) U can find all of this (songs played) on r play list. So i'm gon'na suggest 4 the rest of the program that u can get yo info there, cuz lik i say, we're gon'na jus' stretch-out & get-in2 this music, 4 this 1, all rite, let'z doit..." - /\/\/\/\

 Mondaze 12:00AM - 3:00AM "The-1st-minute-of-the-new-day, July 1st, |_I\/E w/ sho-'z theme song Rise by Gary Bartz, Ntu Troop" -  O-!

A weekly creative (J)azz celebration of African roots, social consciousness & spiritual transcendence.
  Public Radio - On-the World-Wide-Web or Online Archives - Monday, July 1, 2019 12:00 am


Comment by DojO- on June 24, 2019 at 9:24am
Live - On-Air: STAGE gig mentionz by RISE on KPFK reg. Host (20+ yrs.) /\/\ark /\/\axwe|| "Humble Facilitator" 
See the source image > Segued after Ostinato by Herbie Hancock aka Mwandishi - "I lov that piece... the amazin' line on bass clarinet - Bennie Maupin who by the way, will b @ The World Stage this wkend. Not 1 but 2 nitez, Fri (28th) & Sat (29th) (both nites, 2-sets, 9 & 10:30PM, Advance TIX highly recommended). Man, that'z a very special thing... in the heart of beautiful Leimert Park (- Village) So, a chance 2 walk amongst giants & hear some amasin' soundz."
> (2:57) Closin'-out sho- traditionally "taken-us-hm" w/ Pharoah Sanders (cut un-named) "Remember, @ TWS, Bennie Maupin will b there, both Fri & Sat nite. Very special! i play'd that Ostinato cut off Herbie Hancock's Mwandishi album @ the beginin' of the program. Bennie was featured prominently on that. His deep-artistry extends back quite a ways back in2 the 60's... 50's mayb? Late 50's early 60's & extends fwd all-the-way in2 2day... He'z play'd w/ so many greats; from Miles Davis, Horace Silver 2 Marion Brown & of course his own great solo albums. That'z a very special date comin'-up. Yo gon'na want 2 ✔-it-out @ TWS, 4 mo info.. Lotz of good music happenin'... jus' go-out-there 'n get-it..." - /\/\/\/\ 

 Mondaze 12:00AM - 3:00AM "Starts, the-1st-minute-of-the-new-day |_I\/E" -  O-!

A weekly creative (J)azz celebration of African roots, social consciousness & spiritual transcendence.
Public Radio - On-the World-Wide-Web or Online Archives - Monday, June 24, 2019 12:00 am
Comment by DojO- on June 19, 2019 at 6:25am
RISE on KPFK Live - On-Air: STAGE gig mentionz w/ apropos music seguez by reg. Host (20+ yrs.) /\/\ark /\/\axwe|| "Humble Facilitator" 
 Inline image /\/\/\/\'z Pre-recorded interview - (15:00) w/ David Ornette Cherry (as per Billy Higgins quotes concerin' STAGE, performance-attributes w/ hi-end-degree-of-listenerz) "Isn't it time 4 U 2 play The STAGE? If U can play the STAGE, U can play around-the-world." + D.O.C.'s upcomin' (live) gig announcement @ The 'new' World Stage w/ "new L.A. band, The Organic Notes", July 6th (headz-up b4 TWS official-announcement)
/\/\/\/\'z regular announcement regarding local community events & performances - (102:00) "Folks evolved in ea. (precedin' played pcs.) will b playin' @ The World Stage this wkend... Richard Grant is gon'na b @ the STAGE this Sat., (June 22nd) in beautiful Leimert Pk.. On Fri., (June 21st, duh nite b4) the great Patrice Rushen... U can see, live, in-a-nice-intimate-venue, that is TWS... that should b wonderful, this Fri.. (advance tix highly rec., spec. event, expected 2 sell-out as usual) On-the-way-out... (2:55) as mentioned earlier, D.O.C. - July 6th, Patrice Rushen - June 21st & The Return of Richard Grant - Sat. June 22nd. Lot'z of good stuff happenin' @ TWS." - /\/\/\/\ 

 Mondaze 12:00AM - 3:00AM "Starts, the-1st-minute-of-the-new-day |_I\/E" -  O-!

A weekly creative (J)azz celebration of African roots, social consciousness & spiritual transcendence.
 Public Radio - On-the World-Wide-Web or Online Archives - Monday, June 17, 2019 12:00 am
Comment by DojO- on June 11, 2019 at 8:16am

Live On-Air: STAGE gig mentionz by "O" Ollie Bivins, 2nd Monday of the month guest host. Durin' his "Jazz Briefs" segment - RIP Bo Leibowitz "Strictly Jazz" Host (35 yrs. archived on KCRW) & headz-up gd read, JazzTimes "Is Jazz Good for Your Health?".

 Image result for Ollie Bivins (25: & 35:30) - "Of course there'z alwayz somethin' happenin' @ The World Stage. (ie 6/14 - Vocalist Theresa Golden) & To: find-out who'z playin' TWS this wk., jus' go 2"

 Mondaze 12:00AM - 3:00AM 

A weekly creative (J)azz celebration of African roots, social consciousness & spiritual transcendence.


 Public Radio 

Comment by DojO- on June 3, 2019 at 3:05am

[Live On-Air] STAGE gig announcements by 20 yr. Host, Mark Maxwell "Humble Facilitator"Inline image (2:56:50) talk-over w/ traditional sho- closer w/ Pharoah Sanders, this time playin' Astral Traveling) "And, b4 we get-on-out. U should know that Justo Almario is goin' b @ The World Stage, this Sat., that's gon'na b a nice 1. Fri. Joshua White. So, if U want mo info. on that, Alwayz somethin' happen..."

 Mondaze 12:00AM - 3:00AM 

A weekly creative (J)azz celebration of African roots, social consciousness & spiritual transcendence.


Public Radio - Online Archives - Monday, June 3, 2019 12:00 am

Comment by DojO- on May 31, 2019 at 9:58pm

MUNYUNGO! JACKSON & Friends from Around The World 

The World Stage 30th Anniversary "Kick-Off" Sat." June 1st

No photo description available.

(pictured 1988)


"Hey Y’all.... This group is Small but Mighty...!!!
And you’ll see what I’m talking about when you come to The World Stage (tomorrow night...!!!)

Dimitris Jimmy Mahlis, Mike Alvidrez, & Christian Moraga are Phenomenal...!!!
And Great Guys Too...!!! 
You’ll see when what I’m talking about...!!!

And we’ll also have some special guest...!! 
You’ll see...!!!

Best time to come is around 8-8:30 so you can hear parts of My New CD...!!!

See Alla’yall There...!!!"       (Facebookacebook: Timeline/wall)

Inline image

“Gateway to Heaven!”

Comment by DojO- on May 30, 2019 at 9:44pm

RANDAL FISHER Ensemble Live ! @ TWS Fri., May 31st

"Returning to the World Stage May 31st & I’m inviting you! 
Will be the playing some original compositions & arrangements of my favorite music w/ some of my favorite musicians. Come hang out." - Randal Fisher (Facebook Timeline/wall)Image may contain: one or more people and night

"The Sorcerer's Apprentice" -  O-!

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