The World Stage· DwighTrible Presents: SCHEDULE - Feb "Black History Month" 2020 "Winter Jazz Concert Series +" ~ *updatez*

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"The Village LIVES!" - Eddie North-Hager,
"Alwayz somethin' happenin' @ The World STAGE" - Mark Maxwell, (23+ yrs) "Humble Facilitator" Host of RISE on KPFK 90.7FM.

Presented by Dwight Trible, Executive Director The 'new' World STAGE Art, Education & Performance Gallery non-profit 501(c)(3) - "Back From: Winter break/renovation 'n no, quid pro quo." O-!


 Lady of-the-house Rene Fisher Mims, S.H.I.N.E. Mawusi Women's African Drum Circle - Director/Founder & Jazz Vocal Workshop - Coordinator

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 + MC Jeffrey Winston "Jazz Herstorian" 

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 or MC Mat Gibson "The Biggest Voice in-the-World"

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Tomo "Sound"
Tomoaki Sato's Profile Photo

The 'new' World STAGE Executive Director -

 Dwight Trible


The World Stage - 1st Ever Crowd-Funding Campaign '19



 ♪ - most concerts Fri. & Sat. nights, $20 & start @ 9PM (X2) sets (unless otherwise indicated or announced)


FEB. Black History Month -
Sat. 1st - Lynne Fiddmont
Th. 6th - Kahil El'Zabar
Fri. 7th - Ryan Porter
Sat. 8th - *Daryl Darden*
Mon. 10thBlack Nile x Joe Lyle & Devin Daniels  9:30PM  $10
Fri. 14th - Jesse Sharps Gathering
Sat. 15th - Ladies Love Laughter  $10

*Su. 16th - Patrice Rushen  $25*
Fri. 21st - Karen Briggs  $25
Sat. 22nd - Alex Cline Ensemble - Tribute To: Joseph Jarman - a benefit For: TWS  8PM

Mon. 24th - Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz Ensemble Jam "All Welcome"  ¿$5? (unconfirmed) 
Th. 27th - All Star Tribute To: Dexter Gordon  8PM
Fri. 28th - Sheila Govindarajin
Sat. 29th - James Leary's Bass Choir "Bassed"


Eventbrite: (search) Advance Tickets - (highly recommended when available)
UPF: ft. pg. news Blog Post events  For the USC & Expo. Pk. neighborhoods in L.A.     
Instagram: TWS (search)
4321 Degnan Blvd. · Los Angeles (Leimert Park Village) 90008 · (323) 293-2451 ·
(entrance & parking in rear)
All Ages Welcome Out/Side bar (only, not In/Side) | hot prepared food dishes by O/S vendor Chef Kalih (under tarp & I/S ok) -  O-!

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Comment by DojO- on February 4, 2020 at 3:24pm

Wuz Hot? Weekly Best Bets 4 Live Jazz L.A. *updatez*

(Black History Month "Winter Jazz Concert Series +")
(Thursday 2/6 – Percussionist Kahil El'Zabar - Ethnic Heritage Ensemble)
Friday 2/7 – Trombonist Ryan Porter
(Saturday 2/8 – Guitarist Daryl Darden)
(All @) The ('newly renovated') World Stage in So(uth)L.A.'s Leimert Park - Village)
Comment by DojO- on February 1, 2020 at 10:54am

[|_ive On-Air] Gig mention by Tom Nixon, Host of "The Nixon Tapes"/Roots Music & Beyond on KPFK 90.7FM. This wk's theme 

Image may contain: 1 person (1:41:00) "I want 2 letuno that 2nite @ The World Stage, that's @ 4321 Degnan Blvd. in Leimert Park (Village) There's going 2 b a great Jazz performance, 9 to 11:30PM w/ vocalist Lynne Fiddmont. That's going b great stuff. If U want 2 go out there, 4 mo info check-it-out" (website @ - TN

 Americana to world music sounds, folk to funk, bluegrass to blues & beyond w/ The "Nixon Tapes" 1st Sat. of the month - takes listeners on a dithyrambic musical romp through all eras & areas making the familiar sound unfamiliar & vice versa. 


Public Radio - On-the World-Wide-Web or Online Archives - Sat, Feb 1, '20 6:00 am

PS  Highly rec. a'listin' 2 Don Cherry, There is the Bomb & Grant Green, Cease The Bombing. Where else? BUT on The Nixon Tapes w/ Tom Nixon period exclamation dot dot diddy comma wair music is music ellipsis


Comment by DojO- on January 23, 2020 at 3:47am
Wuz Hot? Weekly Best Bets 4 Live Jazz L.A.
(Winter Jazz Concert Series +)
Friday 1/24 – (Band Leader) Jose Rizo’s Mongorama
Saturday 1/25 – Pianist Joshua White (Trio)
(both @) The ('renewed') World Stage in So(uth)L.A.'s Leimert Park - Village)
Comment by DojO- on January 6, 2020 at 5:30am

[|_ive On-Air] "Humble Facilitator" Mark Maxwell, Host (23rd yr.) RISE on KPFK w/ "...regular announcements regarding local community events & performances." "The best live radio sho- of it's kind" -  O-!Image may contain: Mark Maxwell [talk-over] (2:46:30) "This is the sound of Pharoah Sanders. & so, this is, gon'na take us all-the-way 2 the top of the hr. & on-out... But b4 we go... (2:49:35) The Pharoah Sanders were listinin' 2 now, comes from his classic, 1966 recordin' on the Impulse record label. Tauhid wuz actually released 1967 for the Impulse record label. & the tune were listin' 2 is the 1st track, Upper Egypt & Lower Egypt(e). This wuz actually recorded Nov. of '66. It featured, well, that guitar U heard prominently, that wuz Sonny SharrockHenry Grimes - bass, Dave Burrell - piano, Roger Blank - drums & Nat Bettis - percussion... So, once again, i want 2 remind U, b4 we get goin'..."

"The World Stage is alwayz in-effect, they've got the Jazz Jam (hosted by Cornel Fauler? vs James Janisse) on Th's.. On Fri.s, performances will b startin'-up again w/ a special 1 w/ Bobby West. So, U-no U want that. But, that's not gonna b this comin' Fri., the followin' Fri.. But off-the-top-of-duh-dome i'm not rememberin' the date. But i guess, the 17? That's 'bout rite... (Sir-rite!) Lots 2 check-out... enjoy-it... U-no next wk.? It's gonna b my wonderful guest host Ollie Bivins. He'll hav sumthin special 4U" - /\/\/\/\

 Mondaze 12:00AM - 3:00AM 

A weekly creative (J)azz celebration of African roots, social consciousness & spiritual transcendence.


 Public Radio - On-the World-Wide-Web or Online Archives - Mon., Jan. 6, 2020 12:00 am

Comment by DojO- on December 22, 2019 at 5:31am

"The 'newer' World Stage. it's not a place, it's a spirit." -

The transformation is gonna b good—but it’s hard work! - Rene

Comment by DojO- on December 6, 2019 at 1:46am
"LA Jazz Quick Calendar *updatez*

("Fall back into Autumn Jazz Concert Series +")

Friday 12/6 – Vocalist Sheree Brown (& Friends)

Saturday 12/7 – The Acoustic Revelation Band (feat. Co-Leaders "Sensei" Latif & Karl…"

(Both @) The ('new') World Stage - So(uth)L.A.s' Leimert Park (Village) 
       Jazz Non-Profit
Comment by DojO- on November 20, 2019 at 6:48am

|_ive On-Air "...regular announcement(s) regarding local community events & performances." by "Humble Facilitator" /\/\ark /\/\axwell, Host of RISE on KPFK "The best live radio sho- of it's kind" -  O-! (pic. below on flute)

Image result for mark maxwell (1:43:00, segue after play'n Les McCann, Benjamin w/ Donald Dean - drums) (2:00) "...& Donald Dean, the drummer, by-the-way, is actually going 2b performing @ The World Stage this Sat. ...& so that's special. Great drummer Donald Dean @ TWS, he'z got 2 sets 4 U, 9 & 10:30. That's this Sat., Nov. 23rd... in beautiful Leimert Park. So, somethin' 2 check-out. foo-shoo-... Actually, U-no, speakin' of the TWS, this wkend, Sat. it's Donald Dean (Sr.). On Fri., actually, it will b, a (Film) Gala for the I've Known Rivers Film Fest. So when we come back after a short break, we're goin' 2 jump into I've Known Rivers, as the great Langston Hughes poem, turn-into song by Gary Bartz. havn't played this 4 awhile. i luv this tune... (2:04) (2:52 talk-over/segue w/ Pharoah, Thembi " (2:46:40) ...& i should let U know... Also, @ TWS, i mentioned Donald Dean will b performin' on Sat.. That's special, so, U-no wha- even sounds better than vinyl? Live music. So mayb get yourself some." - /\/\/\/\

 Mondaze 12:00AM - 3:00AM 

A weekly creative (J)azz celebration of African roots, social consciousness & spiritual transcendence.


 Public Radio - On-the World-Wide-Web or Online Archives - Mon., Nov. 18, 2019 12:00 am

Comment by DojO- on November 11, 2019 at 7:31am

|_ive On-Air "gig mention" - The Pan African Peoples Arkestra @ The World Stage "...regular announcement(s) regarding local community events & performances." 'n " 'O.B.'z' 'Jazz News Briefs' "

Image result for Ollie Bivins - "O" Ollie "B" Bivins, RISE on KPFK 90.7FM, 2nd Mon. of the month Guest Host 'n X-Co-Editor/writer, All About Jazz/The Jazz Messenger/L.A.

(talk-over @ 26:28~ Alvin Fielder Trio, not posted 2 playlist ~29:14) "All rite, time 4 sum Jazz News Briefs... Brooklyn street name Randy Weston... (passing) John Connors... pasted a resolution designatin' Jazz, quote A Nation American Treasure...  (31:33) ...NY City Jazz Record column Less We Forget, Nov. issue... Billy Higgins, concise well written bio.... also mentions The World Stage... (segue) & jus' a' headz-up, there's always somethin' go'n-on @ TWS. This comin' Fri., Nov. 15th, The Pan African Arkestra (aka PAPA aka The Ark) will perform. The 1st sho- is @ 9, the 2nd is @ 10:30. On Tu., Nov. 12th it's their Vocal Jam Session & that's from 10pm 2 12am. TWS is located @ 4321 Degnan Bl., Leimert Park & 4 mo info. U can go 2 (31:33) " - O.B.  

 Mondaze 12:00AM - 3:00AM 

A weekly creative (J)azz celebration of African roots, social consciousness & spiritual transcendence.


 Public Radio - On-the World-Wide-Web or Online Archives - Mon., Nov. 11, 2019 12:00 am 

KPKF's on air Fund Drive is now over. Thanks to everyone who pledged & supported the station during the drive.
   Your support of KPFK helps make special broadcasts like this possible. Please consider utilizing the number of other ways you can support KPFK through a Donor Advisory Fund, Stocks or Mutual Funds, Charitable IRA, Leaving A Bequest or Vehicle Donation, & for a limited time you can pledge for select gifts you've heard mentioned during the current fund drive (here)
   Plz consider pledge'n on behalf of "Humble Facilitator" (reg. 20+ yrs.) Host Mark Maxwell & 2nd Mon. of-the-month Guest Host, Ollie Bivins. "The best live radio sho- of it's kind" - O-!

Comment by DojO- on October 28, 2019 at 8:41am

RISE on KPFK 90.7FM "live" w/ "Humble Facilitator" /\/\ark /\/\axwell, Host (20+ yrs) &/or World-Wide-Web &/or online Audio Archives "regular announcements regarding local community events & performances." - /\/\/\/\

Image result for mark maxwell, rise on kpfk, picture "Speakin' of JQ & fun-raisin', wuzn't OL'Jerry the best @ it?" -
pic. - Jerry Quickley "anduh" Mark Maxwell

(Henry Franklin Little B's Poem Music To The 5th Power SP 02:10 AM announcement @ 1:59:30) "...turns-out, Henry Franklin will b leadin' a group w/ trumpeter Nolan Shaheed, @ The World Stage, this Fri..  The "Skipper"! & Nolan Shaheed. So, that's gon'na b a special 1." (Pharoah Sanders Rejoice Rejoice Theresa 02:48 AM announcement @ 2:55:10) "Also, on Fri. U can ck-out, great bassist, Henry Franklin & Nolan Shaheed leadin' an ensemble. In beautiful Leimert Park, stuff keeps happenin' there, & keeps b'n good. So mayb get-out & get some of that 4 yoself." - /\/\/\/\

 Mondaz 12:00AM - 3:00AM (Su. in2 Mon., the 1st minute of the new day)

"a weekly creative (J)azz celebration of African roots, social consciousness & spiritual transcendence. Stylistically it generally revolves around a specific sub-genre that has come to be called "spiritual (J)azz"; however, I often touch base w/ many other facets of the (J)azz tradition. It is mostly a music mix show w/ occasional live performances & interviews" - /\/\/\/\

  Public Radio - On-the World-Wide-Web or Online Archives - Mon., Oct. 28th '19 12:00 am
KPFK's Fall Fund Drive

Plz consider pledge'n on behalf of RISE w/ "Humble Facilitator" Mark Maxwell, Host (20 + yrs.) -  O-!

Comment by DojO- on October 24, 2019 at 11:31am
LA Jazz Quick Calendar
("Fall in Autumn Jazz Concert Series +' 'Aaron Neville 'Ticket-give-away")
Friday 10/25 9:00PM – (Band Leader/drummer) Rayford Griffin – (w/ Michael Hunter - trumpet, Keith McKelly - saxes, Hans Zermuehlen - keys & JV Collier - basses)
​Saturday 10/26 9:00PM – (Band Leader/violinist) Yvette Dever(e)aux – (w/ Rickey Woodard - sax, Nolan Shaheed - trumpet, Don Littleton - drums, Bill Markus - bass & Sam Hirsh - keys)
(Both @) The ('new') World Stage - So(uth)L.A.s' Leimert Park (Village) 
       Jazz Non-Profit
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"Wuz Hot? Weekly Best Bets 4 Live Jazz L.A. *updatez* ("Black History Month"·"Winter Jazz Concert Series +"·"Valentine's Night") Friday 2/14 – Saxophonist (Multi-instrumentalist Jesse…"
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The Gathering: Roots & Branches of L.A. Jazz @ PAFF "West Coast Premiere" Su., Feb., 23rd, 2020 *updatez* [Final Screenin']

   In 2005, bandleader Jesse Sharps led a summit & recording session bringing together young players from the LA…See More
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