Healing the Parent Wound: Breaking the Cycle

There are many influences in a child’s life, such as birth order, and the father’s availability. and bonding with him. The Mother’s availability and bonding with her. Environmental and genetic impacts, family dynamics, traditions, and important events during childhood like a major illness, other traumas, or stress.

The parent wound can underwrite having toxic relationships and the way you behave in adult relationships, experiencing depression, understanding your anxiety, and the relationship you have with food, alcohol, drugs, sex, and other things for soothing your emotions.

Healing from the mother's wound is a balance between recognizing negative feelings and the need to forgive our mother.

The father's wound is all about suffering grief and loss. It is about yearning to feel love but instead feeling the absence. It's this absence of love that makes the wound so intense. When a person's father is emotionally distant, abusive, physically absent, negative, or overly critical it can have long-term consequences for the individual that is passed on from generation to generation.

This beginner to intermediate class will look at:

• Acknowledge the absence was not your fault

• Learning to listen to your body – what emotion are you experiencing in real time

• Acknowledge that suffering is universal

• Recognizing your self-soothing skills

• What can you do to make a positive change in your life

Time: April 27, 2023 from 9am to 10:30am

Location: Virtual Event on Zoom

Website or Map: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/healing-the-parent-wound-breaking-the-cycle-tickets-590568756047

Event Type: health, &amp, wellness, mental, spiritual, wellbeing