A few years ago I saw a profound little movie called "pay it forward" which was about a little boy who ran into a person who did a good deed for him and he was obligated to do a good deed for another person even if it was a perfect stranger? That movie was a very special movie to me, because it showed random acts for kindness from one person to the next. I've always been a helping stranger type of person but after seeing that movie I became more conscious towards helping my fellow man/woman if I was able to.

I totally believe in being our brothers keeper. Yea I know one should help themselves first... that's a given... but along the way? what's wrong with helping each other while at the sametime not expecting anything in return? People in big cities tend to be standoffish... mind your own business type of mentality. Well for good reason, since so much "game" is being run on good people trying to be good... you have to watch your back nowadays for gaming people... but don't let that mentality stop you completly from being the good person you are? Just be careful when and who you help for your own safety of course.

Back to Pay it forward concept. I suggest we get a pay in forward campaign going on in the Leirmert Park Area, complete with a concert (yea anything for a concert huh?) speakers forum and banners in the area promoting this beautiful concept of helping total strangers with good deeds towards each other?

"The Pay It Forward Concert". Well if anyone thinks this idea is worthy of further discussion and thought please feel free to voice your opinions. Ok even if we never have that concert in my head? Take the time to pay it forward in your own
lives with a random act of total kindness to another human being. The act could be small as helping a senior citizen with their groceries at the supermarket, or as big as feeding a homeless person food ... buy and bring it back to them... well you get the idea? ....

So go out today, tommorow or real soon and pay it forward. I do and I'll tell you it's a great inner feeling to do something like that. Wow, just think what our community would be like if we all had that mindset? I know it would be a better place to live. Oh well, call me a dreamer? ... Nothing wrong with a good dream huh? ... Starting with you! .....

Pay it forward!

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Comment by ColoredPeople.net on October 25, 2009 at 6:49am
Thank you for sharing. There is great power in giving of yourself. I love the idea...

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