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Fusion Cuisine has been defined and claimed by many countries, and by more cultures than most of us can imagine.

One wonders what is the truth about Fusion Cuisine, where and when did this concept emerge, when and whom brought these two terms together to create the concept, exactly how did Fusion Cuisine originate.

There are as many theories as there are stories to support each theory.  The real truth may never be uncovered-but here is a reasonable assumption that may shed some light on the issue.



Man has been cooking since the beginning of time, when the only way to ignite a flame for hunting or cooking was by using stone tools; this was instrumental for preparing daily meals.

There is reason to assume that at some point, during that era, someone decided to cross two or more ingredients in a meal preparation to affect a change in the flavor. Perhaps the usual ingredients were not available at that time, or the change could have come about because it was simply time for a change; whatever the reason the change was made and thus Fusion was born.


As a chef and food lover, I often seek ways to create dishes that are more flavorful and appetizing – in order to achieve this, I used special seasoning and ingredients to create complexity in the flavor of each dish.

In the early years of my career I may not have known about Fusion Cuisine, but I knew what I wanted from the preparation was a different edge, a twist in the taste, I had no clue why, but it seemed important enough to expand my reach to achieve this.

Once I became more comfortable with the idea of fusing, I used herbs and spices from diverse cultures, to mix and match seasoning to produce the same dish with a slightly different edge – exemplified by that change, that inclusion, that mixture which I later recognized as FUSION!     


Fusion Cuisine has been defined as a meshing of two or more ingredients to create a particular flavor.

A combination of two or more ingredients, a concoction, or a culture clash of flavors.

I define Fusion as a combination of different styles of cooking or the use of different ingredients that produce a different outcome in the flavor.

Traditionalists refer to Fusion as a multicultural merger of cuisines.

The masters of Cajun / Creole Cuisine define Fusion as nothing new as they remember and pay homage to Munchies for being the first restaurant to introduce Fusion Cuisine in New Orleans.  

Fusion Cuisine is boldly expressed in the various ethnic communities that have become a major part of the landscape here in the United States.

Years ago, one might have had to travel many miles to find markets that specialize in ethnic foods. That is no longer the reality.  Today there are ethnic markets in most neighborhoods and besides most local supermarkets and specialty markets now stock specialty items to accommodate specific choices and lifestyles.

While we celebrate Munchies for their efforts and bravado to bring about such significant changes during that era, we should as chefs also celebrate each other in our efforts to follow suit.


However, the customers are the real winners, as they travel from restaurant to restaurant – sampling the offerings, while keeping the local chefs aware and mindful to continuously deliver higher levels of complexities in food preparation.


Marlene M Myrie

Chef / Author





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