The death of Trayvon Martin is not about Race Wars!

I am hearing a lot of anger from many black people who are uttering reverse racist comments and attitudes towards their fellow white Americans. 

I say No to that and it is counterproductive  towards the real truth and serves to allow those in power the same old games they have run on poor and middle class people for hundreds of years … dating all the way back to the slave days.  

Divide & Conquer !  

Do we have a race problem in America…YES! … one that has been allowed to fester for hundreds of years because it serves the interest of the power elite to keep it going and fuel it.  The facts regarding the death of Trayvon  is .. it was committed by one individual who happened to be of brown and Latin descent.  Now that is no reason for blacks and brown people to be at each other’s’ throat either.  It appears George Zimmerman was a racist …but that does not make all good brown people racist. 

Are there racist factors beyond Zimmerman at work … YES!.  The police chief and I am sure many of his deputies in the Florida Police Departments are surely racist from their inaction to arrest and charge Zimmerman with murder.  That is now clear for the world to see. 

Are there racist police YES!  …entire racist police departments in America - YES! … now is the time for all good Americans black, white, brown, yellow to stand up against the evils of racist and not allow racist and their institutions to continue to blind us and divide good people of all races to come together in a united fight against injustice towards blacks, brown and any person in America to suffer discrimination and unfair treatment at the hands of racist police, legal systems, and other layers of our Government that practices these evil things against people of color - at the demands of the power elite who runs those institutions and people like puppets in the theaters of life.

The true struggle of all good people who understand the root causes and institutions can only root them out if we unite on the basis of class struggle … i.e. poor / middle / and lower economic classes united under one common goal.  If we allow this moment in history to digress into more race divisions it will never be addressed … because once again were fighting each other and not the real evil … racist, bigotry, institutional racism in the hands of racist police chiefs, and racist police, legal systems, prison systems, educational systems, corporations … the list goes on and on. 

But it can start right here in a common goal and fight to arrest and convict George Zimmerman for the death of Trayvon Martin.  Fire the racist police chief in Florida and root out racist police officers within that police force.  Can it be done … I say yes! … Will it end racism in America… of course not! … but it’s a start folks. 

I will end this with a call to all good people in America … regardless of race to come together as one towards the struggle of fairness, and justice for the Murder of Trayvon Martin.  It’s also a time to look at the law “stand your ground” that exist in Florida and similar laws in 16 other states that allows senseless murder of people based on some new vague standards that allow armed people to KILL unarmed people if they feel threated! … and based on that … countless people have been killed and their murderers are walking free based on that horrible law! … The murder of Trayvon Martin must not be in vain.  This is a time is history where good people of all races can come together… or suffer the same old race baiting tactics of old that pits one entire race against another. 

When I say …No Justice ! No Peace! … I don’t mean it as any call to hostile or needless violence against anyone or institutions.  Rather it’s a rally cry to all who want to real justice for the family of Trayvon Martin  all families who have had family and friends killed at the hands of a racist person… regardless of their perspective color.  

It is past time for all good people … regardless of your color to bond based on our mutual class unity of us being poor, middle, class and suffering the ill effects that comes along with being in these categories in America.  Remember we are the 99% and the power that the has attached to it .. if we allow ourselves to see each other as true brothers and sisters in this on-going fight & struggle – that will not end with this one case alone  ….in spite of racism that is allowed to fester un-abated and grow and grow to keep us divided and not focused toward our goals and the mutual common interest all good people in America have. 

So I will end with No Justice ! No Peace! And a rally call to all good Americans towards continuing the struggle for Justice in America for Trayvon Jackson!   Let’s not allow this unique time in history slide by and us and we are back to business the old way… divide and conquer ! …

 I say unity now and Justice for all!  Arrest & Convict George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin.  And make that happen now Florida! 


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Comment by Ernie Mixon on May 2, 2012 at 12:49pm

Aljea,  I really appreciate your kind words about my essay on Trayvon Martin.  I also appreciate the promotion of it also.  Yes... this young mans death really affected me in a real personal way... Afterall ... like the President said... that could have well been my son... btw... I have a 18yr old son...Very sad..indeed... We all want Justice her and moving forward!


Comment by Ernie Mixon on April 16, 2012 at 3:22pm
Thank you Enhanger & Ajea L.. for your comments on my essay... much appreciated.
Comment by AJea L on March 29, 2012 at 10:10pm

Ernie this is a great article. Thank You.

 I think the last 33 days have proven to me w/o a doubt, the "policing-authorities" in this Country are *not* in charge.

Now WE are being murdered for sport all across this Nation!? Its a "SCANDLE" and it must be Addressed.


KJLH Spnsoring Town-Hall *BlackMen Stand Their Ground* Saturday March 31 @ Faithful Central Church,321 N. Eucalyptus Inglewood, CA 90301 from 8 - 11am ...Bring your *voice* and your friends

Let us circle our wagons under the Shadow of the Wings of the Almighty and protect ourselves. B/c "They Don't Really Care About Us" ~Michael Jackson got it right I think ~Namaster    

Comment by enhager on March 25, 2012 at 10:34am

Ernie, this needed to be said. It does appear that Trayvon was profiled and it's clear this was a senseless murder - on the 911 call the suspect said Trayvon was walking away and police told the suspect to not follow him, showing there was no 'stand your ground' defense.

But at the core, every mother, father and person  should see Trayvon as their son, nephew, friend and neighbor. This should be an easy thing to agree on - we are not allowed to kill people because they are walking through our neighborhood.

Comment by Ernie Mixon on March 24, 2012 at 12:28pm

I will do.  What did you think of this one Enhager?

Comment by enhager on March 24, 2012 at 11:53am

Hi Ernie - Please see the Leimert Park Beat facebook page where La'Trice Collins writes: His death may not be about "race wars" but its is about race...and what is the "real" truth?

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